Application Login URI not called on server

Hi, I have an app with React + NodeJs.
The gmail login works, but I want to also save in my DB the user (email, etc). I know the users metadata is already stored in auth0, or that I could create a rule to connect directly to my DB but I want to develop this part in-house, and be able to call an endpoint from my server at the end of the successful authentication and create the user or update it.

I have a rule that enriches the context’s accessToken with the email and the loginCount. So far so good, my endpoints in node receive correctly user’s data.
But having it on each endpoint would mean too many checks.

I’ve set the Application Login URI in the auth0 dashboard to This is on the server side (not client) and the call works correctly in my tests. However it is not being called by Auth0, after login. Apparently Auth0 expects this url to be on client side.

What is the right approach?

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Hi @monica.leahu,

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The application login route is used when Auth0 needs to direct the user back to your application login page (essentially to start the login flow over again, after a password reset for example.)

It shouldn’t be called after login, it sounds like you might be mixing it up with the callback URL?

Here is the page that explains the application default login URL, and when it would be used:

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