Apple review requirement for firstName and lastName

I had originally solved this problem with the information here LastName FirstName in token with apple-sign-in.

The name is being returned as an email address, however the apple documentation states we should be able to receive firstName and lastName. The scopes I have requested are: “openid profile name email offline_access”

When tested again yesterday, the fields are no longer being filled, they are undefined. I have a support ticket that I reopened (00872758) - we are desperate for an answer. Last time it took a week to get a response.

I tried transitioning the rule across to an action, but still no success. I reiterate, this was working last week. What am I missing?

Hi @mobileapps ,

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I noticed that you opened a support ticket for this issue. Here is the solution provided by our DSE. Hopefully, it will be beneficial to other community members.

To test the Apple social connection with a user that was previously deleted from Auth0, you will also need to reset the Apple Id access for this specific app in Settings (Settings > Apple ID > Password & Security > Apps using Apple ID) in their Apple device, so next time will start with a new user, and Apple will send the first_name and last_name values again .

While testing using actions, I did try hard-coding in a first_name and family_name, just to see if I could populate the fields - which seemed to be a mistake. as all subsequent requests began returning the hard coded value, even once that was removed.

That is expected, if Apple wasn’t returning a different value Auth0 would have maintained the hardcoded values in the user profile.

Please try resetting the Apple Id access for this specific app for your test user, delete them from Auth0, add the Rule for mapping the first_name and last_name attributes, and test again.

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