App Store app Rejected for "Sign In with Apple" wrong translation for pt-BR

Dear all, my app was rejected by Apple due the translation error of “Sign In with Apple” to pt-BR that in the New Universal Login page is translated to “Continuar com Apple” and the right translation, based on Apple’s guideline is “Continuar com a Apple”. I founded some related topics like this one (App Store app rejected for "Sign In with Apple" translations) were there are some label customization using the text customization API that could solve the issue.

The problem is that my application is developed in Flutter and the recommended framework to integrate with Auth0 is flutter_appauth as you can see in this blob post (Get Started with Flutter Authentication) and there is no option to use the text customization API (Customize Login Text Prompts).

I have been trying to solve this issue for weeks without success, someone could please give me some help?

Thanks in advance guys.

Hi @ubirajara.mnj

That Flutter blog post still uses Universal Login, which is separate from any SDK. You should be able to update the templates for it. Could you tell me what you tried doing for the text customization which didn’t work?



Hi Thomas, thanks for you question.

I tried to pass the promptValues for login as recommended in the Customize Login Text Prompts, as bellow:

But nothing happened. The framework allow me to use the new universal framework, because of that I tried this approach but unfortunately is not working :frowning:

Any clue?


HI @ubirajara.mnj

Could you please DM me the name of your tenant? I want to look at your settings. I think something might be off.

However, I also found the code for this translation, and am asking someone from Auth0 Brazil to review it. Possibly, we can get this fixed soon.