App logs out straight away after successful login

we’re using Auth0 together with DataTools suite - GitHub - ibi-group/datatools-ui: Core application for IBI's transit data tools suite.
We haven’t changed anything and from a working solution, it stopped - it logs me in and straight away logs out, brining to loging screen.

This is how it looks like:

Log shows type: [Success Cross Origin Authentication] and then straight away [Success Logout]

In our app, we’re using: auth0_client_id, auth0_domain, auth0_public_key (pem file generated in auth0 advanced settings and Certificates tab ) and auth0_token (generated in Auth0 Management API, api details, API Explorer.

Let me know what else I should provide for you guys to help me out.


Can i answer myself this question? Could this be becuase I reached the tier of 1000 tokens per month? Shouldn’t there be a notification that we’re near the limit and where to check it please ?

Hey there!

That’s definitely not the limit cause as you said we never cut off functionality like that but inform the user beforehand. Are you sure nothing changed in your implementation / stack in the meantime?

Yes, i’m sure @konrad.sopala . We even tried setting 1:1 app on a different auth0 account and it works.
Should we wait until tomorrow and see ?

see this message visible when editing application in auth0 panel:

So that’s the thing. Then I guess you need to upgrade

@konrad.sopala New month started, but still can’t login. Does it mean the number of tokens (1000) are one-time only or per month? The paid account says 5000 tokens - is it also valid only once ?
Can i check somewhere how are fast they’re used ?

@konrad.sopala Can you help? It’s march and tokens should be reset, but they’re not.
I can still login and it logs me out automatically:

Can you send me your tenant name here in the forum via private message so I can investigate that? Thank you!

Sure, if only i could find the PM feature :slight_smile:
When i try to send one to you im getting:
Sorry, konrad.sopala is not accepting messages at the moment.

Not sure why is it this way. Just send you a private message