App is getting SITE NOT FOUND on login attempt (/authorize doesn't pass)

Hi all!

I just switch to a custom domain:

And I think I set it up at least part of it properly. If you go to and click on the login button and the top right, you will most likely be redirected to /authorize and it will give you SITE NOT FOUND from Netlify which is where I host the front end.

It’s weird because I got that too but then I cleared my cookies and it works, and also it works on private browser windows, but I have users reporting that it’s not working for them and they get 404. This happens with all my new users who have never been to the site before.

When it doesn’t work, the url starts like this:

When it does properly redirect to the authentication window with username and password, the url starts with this:

Additionally, I was able to set up my custom domain and pass to get the ‘ready’ light to turn green. But when I press test I get:

Error!Looks like your domain is not configured correctly. Please take into account that the configuration process might take up to 10 minutes to complete due to DNS propagation.

and then it switches to passing that test:

I can literally click it every 5 seconds and it seems like I get a random result switching between the Error! message and the “Your domain is configured correctly” message.

Any tips?

This definitely only happened since I switched to a custom domain so that’s my smoking gun

Hi @mrVeganProgrammerGuy

There’s some steps outlined in this thread:

Take a look and let me know if you are still seeing the error.

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