`/api/v2/organizations` endpoint stopped returning the metadata



I’m not getting any metadata property now. It was working before.


I am also having this issue. Been looking all morning for anything that may have changed but I see nothing. Getting a single org works still but a list of all organizations no longer provides the metadata. Was working as of 4:30pm yesterday.

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Hi @taylor.belk @shahzaib,

Can you please confirm the library and version you are using to create the request?

This issue also occurs using the api explorer. The resource “/api/v2/organizations” doesn’t return the metadata field. This field is necessary to filter the organizations. Please check it out, thanks.

I am not having any issues with the explorer. Do you have any other steps to reproduce this?

Here’s my successful request:

This is a capture from api explorer …

Would you please DM me your tenant name @soporte2?

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@taylor.belk Would you please DM me your tenant name as well?

I am still not able to reproduce this, so any additional information is helpful. I am going to create a report with our engineering team to begin investigating.

I am calling your api directly from postman. No library. calling: /api/v2/organizations I DM’d you a screenshot of that, please let me know if you didn’t get it.

I called from the explorer as well and got:

I am seeing that a scope of read:organization_summary is now needed, I do not believe that was needed before? If that is what is causing this then how do we add that scope to our management token?

I figured out how to add that scope and I still do not get the metadata actually.

Hi all,

Our engineers were able to reproduce the issue and the team is working on a fix.

Thanks for your patience while we work through this!

Hi everyone! A fix was rolled out recently and the endpoint should be behaving as expected. Let me know if you see anything otherwise!

Was working, issue is back

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