API Error - Creating Connections


{“name”:“6347DE73-BCCB-46AA-A86F-F3480A1702EF”,“display_name”:“Client Trading 1”,“strategy”:“auth0”,“options”:{“api_enable_users”:true},“enabled_clients”:[“my clientid”],“is_domain_connection”:false,“realms”:[""],“metadata”:{}}

Response is
“statusCode”: 500,
“error”: “Internal Server Error”,
“message”: “An internal server error occurred”

Hi @fred.besterwitch,

It looks like the response is a 201 if you remove “realms”:[""] from the payload.

I would think the response should be 400 instead of 500 when you pass an array containing an empty string. I will check with the appropriate team about this.




Thanks for getting back.

You are right, once we added a realm in the array it worked.
We misunderstood the documentation, we thought the realm would default to the connection name.

all good now

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Great! Glad it is sorted out now.