Api.access.deny New Universal Login UI error display issue

I’m using Pre User Registration Flow to deny signup in some cases using api.access.deny("Invalid_email", "Please use valid Email address");
But this error on the New Universal Login page highlights Password field and display the error under Password field, as if there is issue with Password. Is there a config/setting to tag the field name when denying access or have the error displayed without Password field being highlighted to not confuse the users?

Hi @amrit,

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That looks like the only way to display the error at this time. Feel free to leave us some feedback here: Feedback!

Any plan of updating it, as it is very misleading. At very lease I would expect to have no highlighting of password field.

We don’t have anything on our current roadmap. The best course of action is submit some feedback to the link I shared above. Thank you.

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