Ansible module for managing MFA

I am using ansible to manage my auth0 tenant. Recently we wanted to implement MFA. I had a quick look in google but couldn’t find an ansible module for that. Please anybody can help if available.

Hey there!

Unfortunately we don’t have Ansible module and pretty much in general we don’t have any content on Ansible. The only way to proceed here I guess would be to use Ansible and hit proper endpoints from our Management API. However I highly encourage you to place product feedback regarding that using our product feedback form here:


I love Ansible - I use it for my hobby projects. If you file feedback, ping me and let me know please.

However, in spite of that, have you looked at Terraform? It seems to be more popular, and there is more Auth0 support.


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Hey there,
Thanks for your update. I used the python sdk and ansible to achieve what you mentioned. But I just found that the python sdk is not covering all management apis for MFA. I am looking for MFA policy update, ‘update phone configuration’ , ‘set up Amazon SNS for sms MFA’ etc

Hi @john.gateley,

thanks for your reply. we tend to move with puppet… but I guess Auth0 won’t support it in public cloud.