Anomally detection api

I got an email with this link to unblock account

since my application is backend only, which means we are using it as resource owner only,I would like handle this programatically and not by opening webbrowser.
How can I use auth0 api programatically to unblock account with this ticket :9pZdlWAO8UaM7nAcsR9x4fwdFFJio23s
another question, how can I configure auth0 to notify my system that account has been blocked.

To unblock using the API you’d follow the below which is referenced in the Anomaly Detection docs:

Choose User Blocks from the sections on the left

what about notifying my system?

So we don’t have a process to notify tenant admins about user blocks, but you can listen to user block logs (limit_wc type) via a logs-to-x extension, or query the logs API regularly, and then take a programmatic action.