AngularJS no longer getting back access token

As of today, my AngularJS client’s .parseHash() function no longer gives me an accessToken (null), but it DOES give me an idToken. I don’t think I changed anything related to this, but am open to the possibility that something may have been messed-up in the configuration. Any suggestions? Or is this a bug?

clientID: <my client’s id>,
domain: <my client’s domain>,
responseType: ‘token id_token’,
audience: ,

“angular-auth0”: “^2.0.0”
Using hosted login page

I tried to reproduce the issue with the Angular.js quickstart login step and was not able to reproduce the issue.I would recommend you to use the browser tools to check if the authentication response includes an access token and then the client application is not handling it correctly or if it’s the case that the authentication response does not include the access token from the start. You can check the HTTP response to the last request to [your_domain] which should be the one doing the HTTP redirect to your client application and it will contain a Location header where you can check the raw authentication response.

The above will reduce the surface are in terms of where to look for the problem and assuming the access token is indeed being returned then you may want to update the question with more precise information around Angular.js and other libraries versions and also if you’re using Angular HTML5 mode or not.