Angular- creating customize sign up and login interface

Im new in programming and ive just got assignment to create sign up/login/logut interface with 4 formfields. Ive managed to create Universal Login(wich works) but i need to add two more input fields. Im programming in Angular. My question is- what would be the best approach option and wich tool should I choose to do that? Is there a example how to achieve that? I found nothing on the internet. O would be much obliged.

Hey there!

Here’s more on that:

btw. is this you work or school assignement? Cause maybe it’s an overkill to use Auth0 if it’s a school / university project :slight_smile:

Thanks for quick reply!
This is my work assingement and I was told to use Auth0. Its just I am total begginer and things that are obvious for most of my colleagues are very hard for me :P But I am "learning by doing" and sometimes need to clarify obvious things in order to understand them. Anyway- Ill check your tip and see if it works! Wish me luck!

No worries! We’re here for you!

It indeed worked! Very helpful! Thanks!

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Glad it all came together and that I was able to help!