Angular-auth0 end-of-life

I have some questions regarding angular-auth0 end-of-life notice, After October 27, 2023 , we will no longer address any new feature requests, bug fixes, or security updates. To avoid any complications, we recommend migrating off angular-auth0 before the end-of-life date.

It means that my application will stop working on October 27th, 2023? looks like it’s not the case, but I want to be sure.

On the other hand, you suggest the following for my case (im not able to upgrade my application): If upgrading your application is not possible, consider constructing a wrapper around an alternative SDK, such as Auth0.js or Auth0 SPA SDK.

Isn’t the angular.auth0 already a wrapper over auth0.js?

If im wrong, can you provide some guidance on how to construct a wrapper over auth0.js for an angular 1.x application?

Thanks in advance