An Option to see password on the Change Password page (Lock.js)

Problem statement

The Lock.js allows configuring an option for the user to show their password when typing it.

The option is allowShowPassword: true, and it’s documented here:

Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to the Password Reset template.


As a workaround, you can implement a custom javascript:

const showHideButton = document.createElement(`a`);
showHideButton.href = `#`;
showHideButton.innerText = `show/hide password`;
showHideButton.addEventListener("click", function () {
  const passwordInputs = document.querySelectorAll(`input[name="password"]`);
  for (const passwordInput of passwordInputs) {
    if (passwordInput.type === `password`) {
      passwordInput.type = `text`;
    } else {
      passwordInput.type = `password`;
const formEle = document.querySelector(`.auth0-lock-form`);