Alternative to Crypto for Verify Challenge

I’m working on a react/electron app using the pkce workflow similar to The specific stack we are using is erroring with crypto as recommended. I can statically hardcode a verify and challenge (and not use crypto) and things are working. My questions are two. I’m am guessing yes, but is this a major security concern to hardcode this on the client? Secondly, assuming the security concern, what is another way of generating this verify/challenge, I tried to use another library but it was rejected on Auth0 end so I’m guessing it needs a specific encryption.

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Hi, yes, were still using a hardcoded verifier / challenger due to isues with the crypto library. We can take another look at the issues, but I was wondering if a) is there a security risk hard coding these values, and b) are there any alternatives.

I think a hardcoded verifier presents a security risk, since a malicious party could get your verifier from your app’s code, and then spoof a call to Auth0 with an intercepted auth code and your static verifier. You can check out the IETF standard here. I reckon you’d be better off even with a randomly generated verifier - not as good as a cryptographically random key, but better than a static one.

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