Passwordless API

Hello all,
it is not clear to me if there is a way to use Authentication API for password less login (email, with verification code).
I can send a verification code using /passwordless/start but it looks like the verification endpoint oauth/ro is not accessible anymore, even enabling the “password” grant_type.

Is the documentation (Authentication API Explorer) outdated? About oath/ro, the documentation says that the feature is disabled by default which suggests it can be re-enabled but it does not seems so.

Any alternatives to implement a passwordless authentication via verification code? My use case is an Electron application, where the classic flow for web applications does not work.


Hey there @marco.ancona, I wanted to reach out and ask if leveraging an Authorization Code Grant Flow with PKCE would get you closer to the experience you are seeking for your end users via your Electron app? It seems to be an ideal solution for many in the mobile space. However I understand that many things may have changed since your initial question back in June of 2018 and I apologize for the delay in response. If you have any additional questions or details, I would be happy to assist in whatever facet I am able to, thanks!

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