Allow path customisation in iOS universal link config file

Hello Auth0 team,

We are trying to deep link user to our mobile app when user click the Auth0 email verification link or reset password link. It works well on Android but not on iOS. We have config the device settings for iOS in Auth0 console. However the paths in generated config file (https://[our custom domain]/apple-app-site-association) is fixed to /ios/[our iOS app bundle]/* , which doesn’t match to the email verification link path /u/email-verification or reset password link path /lo/reset. We don’t have this issue on Android since the generated Android config file (https://[our custom domain]/.well-known/assetlinks.json) doesn’t have path restriction.

Does Auth0 provide us the ability to customise the paths in apple-app-site-association file?


Leaving a comment here as we’re facing a similar issue on our project. Has there been any update from Auth0 towards customising the apple-app-site-association paths values? There doesn’t seem to be much information available about this.