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Allow Multilevel Subdomain Wildcards

With systems like kubernetes you have a hostname like: https://[service].[namespace].svc.cluster.local.
[service] and [namespace] are dynamic and we need a way to allow the callback urls to this endpoints like:
https://..svc.cluster.local/index/callback or
https://*.svc.cluster.local/index/callback to support multiple levels of subdomains.

This is currently blocking our testing of the project.

Hello @robertschmidt1906 and welcome to Community!

I will look into this with our team and let you know what I find. Any additional details you can share on this subject would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Hey @robertschmidt1906 I touched base with one of our team members, this may need to be handled by your client. One idea might be to leverage a singular callback and the client redirects based on the state or possibly a token payload. When working with callbacks we can use a subdomain wild card but not multiple levels deep.

I do understand there is a benefit for having this capability though, I would recommend sharing your use case at . It’s here where our product team reviews feedback given manually to help plan our path forward.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions!

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