Alerting on Auth0 Quotas

Problem statement

Our team is trying to set up some alerting around our quotas for Machine to Machine Auth and Monthly Active Users. We have exceeded the limit for one of these before, and we’d like to know ahead of time if we are spiking or nearing those limits. Do you have a way for us to monitor these numbers on a real-time basis?


At the moment, we send multiple notifications via email to Non-Enterprise customers that you are approaching your limits at 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, or 90% of your assigned quotas.

This can also be found on the Auth0 Support Dashboard on whether you are exceeding your quota.

Please visit your Support Center > Utilization reports to see your usage at any given time.

Besides that, there is no way to monitor your Auth0 Quotas in real-time. If this is required, you could accomplish this by checking your Log Events but will require some uplift on your side.

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