After registering a new user, the user is prompted to login again before accessing our application

Hello Auth0 community!

Me and a small team are building a SPA app that uses Auth0 for authentication (yay!) we currently have a small issue/question.

  1. A user registers for our app using our sign-up form
  2. We create a user in auth0 and in our user table of our app upon submission (we link the user to our database of users with the auth0 token)
  3. The user is then forced to login using their new credentials at before we let them into our app (we dont have an active session for them)

How can we create a user on sign-up and also create a session at the same time? Is there a way to create a token once you create a new user (with an auth request from the backend of our app)?

Hi @mario2,

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This thread goes into detail about some strategies to handle that scenario:

I don’t think there is a turn key solution, but it can certainly be done.

Hope this helps!

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