Adding Google calendar to google auth

I have an SPA app, Angular with the only option to sign in being Google. Because the application depends on using Google calendar. When someone registers I want the individual prompted and authorize the use of their calendar. How can I add google calendar auth at registration?

This tutorial did not help: Configure Logical API for Multiple APIs. When I go to APIs > Scopes, in my dashboard I am unable to add a scope.

I started my project using Auth0’s Angular seed project and that works as expected now, it’s a matter of adding multiple Google APIs, i.e. Calendar get and post events in their calendars.

Based on the information you provided the following documentation ( seems to be what you’re looking for as that would allow you to specify the scopes you require from Google API’s while the one you linked is for the scenario where the API’s are under your control so not relevant for this.

Thank you, it was exactly what I needed!