Add user_id in the error redirection url

Feature: Add user_id in the error redirection URL to the callback endpoint

Description: When a user is blocked and tries to log in the flow is redirected to the callback URL. It’d be very useful to have the user_id in the URL as a parameter so that the application listening in the callback is able to personalize the error or perform particular actions on that user.

Use-case: We’re working with organizations, and we have several users inside an organization. When we start flow we only know which organization started the flow, but not which user. In the event that the user that tries to get logged in is blocked, we receive in the callback URL only 2 parameters (error and error_description), which are not enough to understand which user within the organization was blocked, so we cannot show personalize messages (i.e.: printing the user’s name) or perform particular actions for that user (i.e.: send an email to that user)

Hey there @atellez thanks for feedback, always appreciated! Let’s hope this gains some traction with other community members these are monitored for interest :crossed_fingers: :up: