Add Unique Identifier to Logs From Same Workflow

Feature: Add Unique Identifier to Logs From Same Login Workflow

Description: During /registrationlogin, the same logs are usually emitted, especially when MFA is involved. For example a user’s logs might include:
gd_start_auth, gd_send_email, gd_auth_succeeded, s
It would be helpful if all of these events had a unique identified (session id, login id, something like that) so that they can be tied together.

Use-case: We use logs couple with machine learning models to track the user experience throughout he app. We currently have to “guess” which logs are part of the same workflow based on timestamps that are close to each other, but being able to link them with a unique identifier would be very helpful.

Thanks for providing this feedback. I’m curious how many people from community will be interested in such improvement as well!