Add rate limiting and cache for m2m token authentication endpoints


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Allow cache and rate limiting by client id for m2m token authentication endpoints.

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We use m2m tokens to allow our (B2B) clients to integrate with our APIs. However, it’s really hard to control their implementation.
It’s not uncommon that their server keeps calling auth0 asking for new m2m tokens that can lead to over-quota pretty easily.

Right now, we are adding another layer on top of auth0 to cache tokens that are still valid.

Hey there!

Thanks for creating this feedback card. Let’s see who else would be interested in such improvement!

I have exactly the same requirement.
This is crucial to avoid (our) customer misunderstandings and abuse.
An action that can alleviate this could also be a way to solve it

I ended up wrapping a thin layer of API that has a built-in cache around the token endpoints.

Hi there, can you share the details of how you did it?

@dayeye2006 I am interested in how you handled this issue. We are considering a similar solution. Did you end up caching your third-party clients tokens and also rate limiting their requests?

@konrad.sopala Are you able to provide an update on this request? Or suggestions for mitigating the concerns raised?

Roughly I am doing things like below:

def get_token(client_id, client_secret):
   cached_token = cache.get(client_id)
   if is_expire(cached_token):
      token = call_auth0(client_id, client_secret)
      cache.put(client_id, token)
      token = cached_token
   return token

cc @fpmoraes