Keeping M2M tokens to re-use in action

On the login actions with the first login I need to hit an API endpoint behind my auth wall. I would like to use an M2M token to get to the endpoint. However, as these tokens are limited, I don’t want to re-generate one every time I need to hit that endpoint.

My understanding is, actions can not persist data.
Which leads to my question: How can I generate a token and then keep it for my action to re-use every time I need to get past my auth wall?
Ideally I then use it to refresh when it expires.

Hello @christian.weissmann welcome to the community!

Unfortunately, as you’ve discovered, there’s currently no mechanism to cache tokens in Actions - This is a common ask, and something that is being discussed internally. I did a brief dig through our Feedback section and did find this request which I definitely recommend adding to - Our product team monitors these closely :crossed_fingers:

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