Add Pre Email Delivery flow

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Add Pre Email Delivery flow.

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Since email template customization is so limited, and it’s not possible to disable certain emails (f.e. password change), or to send a localized welcome email to users that used a social connection (!), it would be useful to have a Pre Email Delivery flow that would:

  • Pass a name/identifier of the email to be sent (f.e. WELCOME_EMAIL).
  • Allow you to disable the default Auth0 email by returning false.
  • Access information about the registration/login.
  • Allow you to set or change the subject/body before Auth0 sends the email.
  • OR, to send the email yourself using an external API.

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Taking over the sending of all emails until Auth0 can provide proper localization functionality and the ability to localize welcome emails sent to users who registered via a non-database connection.

Thanks for the detailed feedback!