Add Gitlab as a social connection for Auth0

I am trying to use auth0 in my app and I am setting up my social connections.

As of now, I have 3 social connections set-upped under Connections - Social namely: Google, Github and Bitbucket. Another one I would like to add is Gitlab as a social connection. However, I can’t find any tutorials in auth0 blog nor Gitlab as a social connection under Connections - Social

I did find an alternative in Extensions using Custom Social Connection and adding a New Connection.

The problem, I don’t know what to put inside the settings because the tutorial inside gitlab is how to setup there app inside their website only. And I can’t find a tutorial in auth0 regarding Gitlab as a social connection.

How can I make Gitlab as a social connection?

Hey there!

Yep unfortunately we don’t offer any content on integrating Auth0 with GitLab in terms of social connection as of now. The only thing we have and you found it is custom social connection:

BUT it clearly lists all the parameters you need to fill in in order to make it work. I would simply reach out to the GitLab team through their community forum and simply ask where I can find those in their platform. Would like to be more helpful but unfortunately never used GitLab

This is more than enough. Thank you very much