Add an official tutorial for expo auth0 integration

Feature: Add an officially supported expo tutorial to add auth0 to an expo mobile application.

Description: Currently there is no official guide on utilising expo with auth0, while some have documented implementations many of them do not utilise best practice and some implementations defeat the purpose of certain security mechanisms. An officially maintained best practice implementation that includes ensuring that jwt tokens returned through the expo auth session library contain added values from rules would be very useful. Currently I believe the expo auth session library does not seem to support the audience call as requests to auth0 return only a jwt token without the additional values added by rules.

Additional information available at: Custom Claims not being added for expo requests - #9 by clee

Use-case: This would enable ease of development on a platform which help handle over the air updates and greatly improves mobile development. Currently we have to choose between auth and ease of development.


Thanks for taking the time to make this request.

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