Add an External User to an Organisation without an invite


We are programmatically adding users to Auth0 Databases and an Organization, then they receive an email to reset their password. Works fine - no invite to accept and no need to worry about expiry of the invite.

The challenge is for external users located in a customer’s IDP such as Azure AD. We want to add a user from an External Connection to the Organization (and Auth0’s list of users), send them an email with details of our UI portal and allow them to login. Invites complicate the procedure for them and they expire which present another barrier for users who may be on PTO when they are invited or miss the invite but still know how to access our application portal from a colleague.

It looks like there is no way to achieve this; instead we must send an invite that has to be accepted before (a) a record of the user will be created in Auth0 and (b) they can become a member of the Organization.

Note that we can’t enable ‘auto organization membership’ because we have an identity-first flow where the user doesn’t need to know or understand what an Organization is.

Can we create a user record associated with the External Connection and add that user to the Organization without using invites?


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Nothing from Auth0? Hello?