Add action for 'Forgot Password' request

Add an action to trigger after the user submitted the ‘Forgot Password’ form.

Today we have an action available ‘Post Change Password’ that is triggered after the user tried to change the password.
We also need an action to trigger after the user submitted the ‘Forgot’ password form.

For security reasons, when the user does not exist and tries to log in, it shows that the password or username is wrong.

Usually, some people go to the “Forgot password” and submit the form.

But, as the person is not a registered user, they will never receive an email or feedback that they are not registered.

We wish to know when someone submits this form, to check if they could be a possible customer and let our Custom Experience team get in touch with them to provide support, etc.

This would be very valuable was could increase our customer base.

Thanks for this feature request!

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