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Add access token to login email and password



im using the auth0manager and im trying to use login with email and password but I always keep getting unauthorized , im trying to add the access token to the authentification process but I don’t know how,
how can I add the access token to the header of authentication?
im using this function.


            usernameOrEmail: email,
            password: password,
            realm: connectionDB,
            scope: scopes

        .start { result in
            switch result {
            case .success(let credentials):
                print("Obtained credentials: \(credentials)")

case .failure(let error):


Can you give us a little bit more info about your use case? What is it that you are trying to accomplish? And what frameworks are you working in?



im trying to login using mail and password while im activating the client credentials , so im following those steps
1-get acces token with email and password with
url:https://{{auth0_domain}}/oauth/token ,params: grant_type, client_id, audience, username, password, scope
2-after i get an access token i use it to get the user info using:
url:https://{{auth0_domain}}/oauth/token , Headers: Authorization = Bearer “my access token”
but i keep getting unauthorized as a result