Getting email address in accessToken using webAuth.login()

I’ve seen guides here on using rules or actions and flows to add email to accessTokens. You prefix the email with a domain like so:
context.accessToken[‘’] =;

So I have tried making both the flow and the rules with their respective instructions.
I have a strangely formed authToken that the can’t parse and has no payload.

…… it goes, with no payload in the middle, because the first part is followed by two dots.

The thing is, I want to roll my own login page, so I am using Auth0.js webAuth.log() against username and password using the following scopes: “email offline_access openid profile” (I’ve heard offline_access is necessary for using .login()?)

My accessToken still has no payload and no email.

Hi @cthomas

You must specify an audience to get a JWT access token. What you are seeing is an opaque access token.