Adaptive MFA PhoneNumber Assessment

Problem statement

After setting up Adaptive MFA, there is a new assessor called PhoneNumber Assessment, which appears to only return the following assessment during a normal username/password login transaction. The phone assessment looks like the following:

"PhoneNumber": {
"confidence": "neutral",
"code": "phone_number_not_provided"

Does this new assessor impact how Adaptive MFA functions for regular user logins that do not involve a phone number? Additionally, does Adaptive MFA review the phone numbers input for Phone Message MFA and deliver a confidence score?


The new “PhoneNumber assessment” is used in the login flow where the phone number is the main identifier of the user, such as the SMS Passwordless connection.


In a standard username/password login flow, it is expected that the assessment result will be phone_number_not_provided. Additionally, Adaptive MFA’s Phone Number Assessment will only evaluate SMS Passwordless authentication at this time, the phone number input for SMS/Phone Message MFA is not evaluated by Adaptive MFA.

If this additional functionality would be useful, please consider opening a Feature Request on the Auth0 Community site which is regularly reviewed by the Auth0 Product Team.