AD LDAP Connector on Azure VM: Cannot bind to LDAP

I’m trying to test the AD LDAP Connector and have followed (mostly) the instructions here: Set Up AD/LDAP Connector Test Environment

The only difference is that I created a Windows Server 2016 Dataserver VM instead of Windows Server 2012 R2 VM. I also used the GUI interface to promote to a domain controller. (Using the Powershell method, I kept having a NetBIOS prerequisite failure.)

I then installed the connector following this : Install and Configure AD/LDAP Connector as well as Set Up AD/LDAP Connector Test Environment.

In the Configurations tab of my http://localhost:8357/ldap, but configuration log says:

  • Testing TCP connection to LDAP server on port: 389: OK
    -Testing LDAP bind to LDAP server: Not OK

Along with the error message “Cannot bind to LDAP”

I’ve tried checking the Username/Password (using mydomain\myadministrator as well as using the ldap querystring?), but I can’t figure out what I’m missing or have done wrong. What else can I check/verify?

After digging around, apparently, the Username should not be \ but rather the proper ldap query (e.g. CN=(user),CN=(group),DC=(domaincomponent),DC=(domaincomponent)

I manage to get the correct string from my Active Directory Administrator Center > (domain) > Users. And for the user I wanted, Properties, under Extensions > Attribute Editor > distinguishedName.