Action to Store the Auth0 user id in a remote system doesnt work


I’m attempting to use the Action that Stores the Auth0 user id in a remote system.

However, it doesn’t work. The error I get is simply:

“Error! API Error. Please contact Auth0 if error persists.”
Below this message, the second error message just shows up as a blank object: “Error: {}”

Here is my test code, which is completely based off of the example given by Auth0:

const axios = require("axios");

exports.onExecutePostUserRegistration = async (event) => {

  await"postgres://<my_environment_name>:<my_password><database name>/<table name>", { params: { email: }});


I have set up my database exactly as per the instructions noted here. It is a web-based Elephant PostgresSQL database.

Note that the step to Create a user and send to that same external database works just fine for me (under Authentication, non Action- based). So, does the problem lie somewhere within the Actions API?

Thanks and Regards,

@rueben.tiow @dan.woda @konrad.sopala

Hi @robliou01,

Thanks for reaching out to the Auth0 Community!

Based on the doc you shared, it describes steps to configure PostgreSQL as an Auth0 Custom Database. However, you’re using a Post-User Registration Action to create the user in your PostgreSQL DB instead of the custom DB script.

Additionally, when looking at the request, I believe the issue involves POST-ing a Database URL instead of an HTTPS URL. I can confirm after testing this in the Actions debugger interface.

Given that, I recommend completing the configuration for your custom database with PostgreSQL and implementing the Create script. This should create a user whenever a user signs up on your application using this connection. See below.

Please let me know how this works for you.


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