Action Required: Upgrade to TLS 1.2 or later

Still we don’t have enough information on the TLS VERSION affected application or API. It’s not possible for us to migrate to TLS 1.2 before March 21. So we would need our tenants an exception at least for 3 more months as we need to coordinate with our multiple internal teams and update the application & test in DEV/UAT.
Once everything looks good then need to promote the changes to PROD.

This TLS upgrade from Auth0 side is not having enough information what we are looking for. This is a pain point from my side.

Is there a way to test our changes? We have a complex SharePoint On-Premise setup, using Auth0’s SharePoint Integration and want some level of confidence that our customers will not be locked out March 22. thank you.

You should receive an email with all the necessary engineering information shortly.

Hi Konrad,
I started seeing the deprecation notices in the tenant logs with query filter - type:“depnote” for TLS legacy usage

As far as I’ve been told. It’s gonna be an email.

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Still we don’t get any email from Auth0.

Kindly let me know if there is any possibility for depreciation extension or postponement as we have multiple applications, we need to make changes and test those in pre-prod so that we wont have any impact on PROD.


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the postponement would be highly appreciated

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