Account lost during Planned maintenance

During this Planned Maintenance my account “Simone84” has gone.
I had to re-create another account. It’s really strange because:

  • For the community Auth0 web site i had to re-create another account with a different email
  • For Auth0 dashboard i could re-use the same old account email for recreating my account.

So, basically now i lost all the data for my old account : (

Hey there!

Sorry to hear that! Let me dig into it and see what happened there. Can you send me your tenant name and email address you used to use to login via private message. Just click on my avatar and there will be the message button. Thank you!

I’m closing it for now as it seems like a personal scenario. If anyone have similar problems in the future please send me a private message with your tenant name and provide context and we’ll troubleshoot that!