Account Link Extension for "Business Users" App

I am trying to use the “Account Link Extension” but my Application has the Organization settings set to “Business Users”. When I try to login using google with an account that already has “Username-Password-Authentication” I get thrown back to my application with the error “client requires organization membership, but user does not belong to any organization”. If I change the Organization settings to Both Individuals and Businesses, the “Account Link Extension” works as expected.

I tried setting up a Login Action using “onExecutePostLogin” which executes when Individuals and Businesses are turned on. But when I switch to Businesses only, it does not execute.

The user not belonging to an organization fires before the onExecutePostLogin executes.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? Are there any solutions?

I have encountered a similar problem. I’m not using “Account Link Extension”, but I do want my auth setup to allow users to login without an org. Inside the app we were hoping to configure the org for the user after an onboarding step with some questions.

Anyway, I was hoping to use an “onExecutePostLogin” action to set this org. I ran into the same problem of the action not firing because “the user does not belong to any organization”. Seems it doesn’t consider it to be a “login” if there is no organization so there is no post-login action to fire :frowning: