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Accessing custom API and Management API


A user is logging in to access a custom API.

I then need to retrieve their user information, so I need to call the management api.

Does the user have to log in a second time to access that API or can I somehow set Lock to authorize against multiple audiences (as in my own API and the management one)?


Or is there a way that I can bring down the user data in the custom API without using the managment api


What I’m basically after is the equivalent of this Lock Web code, but for Android:

        lock.getUserInfo(accessToken, function(error, profile) {
          if (!error) {
            alert("hello " +;


:wave: @shoutapp were you able to find a solution to your question? Please let me know if you still require assistance.


Hey. Yeah I figured it out. It was a couple of months ago now so I can’t quite remember how though!