Accessibility issues with Universal Login Page

I examined the Universal Login Page that appears in my Auth0 application, and was surprised to see that the social login button I am using is not operable via keyboard. In fact I found 3 issues that make the page a hard-to-use experience for disabled users:

  1. There is a CSS rule that disables the normal browser behaviour of highlighting which element on the page currently has focus: .auth0-lock.auth0-lock a:active, .auth0-lock.auth0-lock a:focus { outline: none }. I get it that not everyone likes to see a blue outline around links and buttons, but for users that navigate a page by keyboard, having no visual clue about where their focus currently is makes for a fairly unusable interface. There are solutions out there for detecting the case of a keyboard navigator and adjusting the CSS rules accordingly ( eg ). Seems like a simple compromise.
  2. The inability for a keyboard user to see when they have moved focus onto a social login button is somewhat insignificant since it is not actually possible to move focus to a social login button! This fails WCAG recommendations: “Keyboard: Error. Interactive elements must be focusable.”
  3. A user with low or impaired vision will have trouble even finding the social login button, since the color contrast of the text label is insufficient to pass WCAG recommendations: “Colour and Contrast: 3.56. Does not meet WCAG standards for accessible text.”

These are all easy to fix, and presumably would have been easy to identify with a minimum of accessibility testing. The FireFox Developer Edition web browser has a handy Accessibility tab built into its Developer Tools panel for example which could be used to identify a similar problems.

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Hi @ab11y,

Welcome to the Community!

I tested the things you mentioned and can confirm. I will pass this information along to our product team.

It looks like this behavior is limited to Classic UL. The New UL may fit your needs in the meantime (we also welcome any feedback on that widget if you find anything).

In the future, feel free to communicate directly to our product team using our feedback page.

Thanks for letting us know your thoughts and taking the time to write detailed feedback!

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