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Access to custom databases (mysql) via SSH


Hi All,

I am using a custom database in one of my connection and our client is exposing their mysql server via SSH. Module “mysql” only supports ssl_options.

Has anyone able to connect Auth0 to a database via SSH?

I tried to look for the mysql-ssh, ssh2/mysql modules as it’s one way to connect via SSH recommended by some developers, but these modules are not part of the existing libraries of Auth0. Is there a way that we can add the modules?



:wave: @keith.lawrence we might be able to use something like to tunnel in nodejs to the server and create a stream which can then be passed to the mysql driver. I believe there may be more compatible approach like having a server that is in control to do this over HTTPS. I haven’t tried either approach but I can inquire further with my team. Are you still looking to implement this approach or have you been able to find a solution?

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