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Access for Development Team Members


For our team, I’ve granted access to specific applications, however, they are not able to access all of the features, such as the “universal login” module.

Is it possible to grant access to this module to “other admins” within the app?

Please see attached image.

Thanks for the help here!!

Screen Shot 2020-01-25 at 11.53.53 PM|690x409

Currently, the only two “roles” available for a dashboard admin are:

  • Global administrator
  • Application administrator (the one that you’ve used)

If you want someone to access the hosted login page settings (or other global settings that don’t correspond to individual applications) you’ll have to make them global administrators.

For user management-only tasks (not your case, but for completeness in the answer) you can also use the Delegated Administration Extension.

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Thanks for the update! @nicolas_sabena

Another inquiry as a follow-up.

Can there be more than one “global admin” and if so, what are the steps to complete?

Thanks again for the help!

There can be as many as you want. This document explains how to add or remote administrators:

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