About status list of jobs created by /api/v2/jobs/users-imports

I couldn’t find any documents about status codes.
Are there only 3 statuses [pending, complete, failed] ?

Hey there!

Let me confirm it with the engineering team and get back to you with the info!

Can I ask you to send me your tenant name via private message?

Thank you!

Thank you for your reply!

Please tell us why you need a tenant name.

Also, unfortunately, the first day has reached the maximum number of topics that new users can create. (private messages are also limited.)
I will reply again tomorrow.

Sorry for that! New users are limited to 30 seconds before replying to post again and 2 min before youc can create another topic.

When it comes to why I need the tenant name? I want to check if there is any pending job in the queue

I see.

By the way, all my import users jobs have been completed successfully.
What I want to know is all kinds of import users job status.
I could not find the document.

I hope you can reply.

Hi @konrad.sopala

How is it going?
In order to handle job status perfectly with our service,
we want the document which describe all the statuses.

Could you tell me the details or share the document if published?

Hey sorry for the delay!

We don’t have such document but the statuses you mentioned are all the statuses.

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