Ability to localize Password Reset Page

We have a separate Auth0 application for every country. Individual countries are asking to translate the Password Reset Page into their local language, but that doesn’t appear to be possible currently. It would be great if you can allow us to localize the Password Reset Page by doing something like this:

"dict": {
    "<US_Application_Client_ID>": {
        "passwordPlaceholder": "your new password",
    "<JP_Application_Client_ID>": {
        "passwordPlaceholder": "新しいパスワード",

Hey there!

For future reference and now, the best way to file a feature request to our product team is through our product feedback website. Within 10 business days you should be contacted by one eof our product managers. Here’s the form:

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Thanks for the info. One area of improvement is that you should make this Feedback link more prominent. Right now I don’t see it on the Dashboard – maybe you can add it as a tab peaking out from the side of the page.

Gotchya! Thanks a lot for that feedback Tommy!