500 API error when editing custom social connection

Problem statement

We received the 500 API error when trying to change the user profile script for our custom social connection.

Steps to reproduce

1- Go to https://manage.auth0.com/dashboard/eu/uipath/
2- Click on the Authentication tab on the left side
3- Click on Social under the Authentication
4- Click the custom social connection
5- Try to remove one line of code under User Profile Script and save it
6- It returns the error.


This is due to a product issue. We have a backlog item to track it.


As a workaround, try updating (PATCH) the connection using the Management API directly. You need to send the whole options object, including the script. To find out what the object looks like, send a GET request for the connection. You don’t need to send the list of enabled_clients because that is what is causing this issue because it is too big.