403 wrong email or verification code

I am using lock passwordless it keeps giving me wrong email or verification code and at the same time increase the number of logins of the accounts trying to login

Hi @karimebrahim328,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I understand that you have encountered issues trying to authenticate your application using Lock Passwordless.

In this case, could you please capture a HAR file of the authentication events leading up to the error and DM it to me?

Once I have this information, I will be able to investigate further.

Thank you.

Hi i managed to solve this problem however i have to questions first can i customize the lock embedded passwordless to have separate tabs for signup and sign in instead of one tab for both secondly i found than to authenticate the token in the backend i have to make axios call to the sever’s api which i must add as an audience in the auth providers however in the embedded lock I can’t add audience to an embedded lock as far as i know