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401 Unauthorized Auth0 - Windows Azure Sql Database



using custom template (Windows Azure Sql Database) from auth0 template files in custom database. I am getting a 401 unauthorized error with their template files. Please help.

function create (user, callback) {
  //this example uses the "tedious" library
  //more info here:

  var Connection = require('tedious@1.11.0').Connection;
  var Request = require('tedious@1.11.0').Request;
  var TYPES = require('tedious@1.11.0').TYPES;

  var connection = new Connection({
    userName:  configuration.username,
    password:  configuration.password,
    server:    configuration.server,
    options:  {
      database: configuration.database,
      encrypt:  true

  var query = "INSERT INTO users (Email, Password) VALUES (@Email, @Password)";

  connection.on('debug', function(text) {
    // Uncomment next line in order to enable debugging messages
    // console.log(text);
  }).on('errorMessage', function(text) {
    console.log(JSON.stringify(text, null, 2));
  }).on('infoMessage', function(text) {
    // Uncomment next line in order to enable information messages
    // console.log(JSON.stringify(text, null, 2));

  connection.on('connect', function (err) {
    if (err) { return callback(err); }

    var request = new Request(query, function (err, rows) {
      if (err) { return callback(err); }
      console.log('rows: ' + rows);

    bcrypt.hash(user.password, 10, function (err, hashedPassword) {
      if (err) { return callback(err); }
      request.addParameter('Email', TYPES.VarChar,;
      request.addParameter('Password', TYPES.VarChar, hashedPassword);



Can anyone help with this. The template files on auth0 for custom databases aren’t updated or something because it will not allow me to connect.