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Zoho custom connection


I’m trying to configure custom social connection for
The auth/token requests work well in Postman and I receive a Zoho access token:


But, when I’m trying to save a custom connection in auth0 (even before clicking on Try button) I get this error:
“Expired token received for JSON Web Token validation”
The authorized redirect url is defined as “https_//”
Zoho also has the client domain, that is defined as “

The token response from Postman has this format:

    "access_token": "1000.4258122a11c8c3fc2d3c08eb7d21c57a.e81107de2de59253448c675db129371f",
    "expires_in_sec": 3600,
    "api_domain": "",
    "token_type": "Bearer",
    "expires_in": 3600000