Zendesk SAML integration is missing url parameter for Google SSO

I have added the Auth0 - Zendesk integration via the Marketplace and configured it according to the Setup Guide on both the Auth0 and Zendesk accounts.

Going to the login screen on Zendesk shows the Auth0 login screen correctly and when using Username-Password authentication, the login works correctly. However, when trying to log in using Google SSO, the user is redirected to the logout url with a SAML error <samlp:StatusMessage Value="Parameter &quot;url&quot; must be a string, not undefined"/>.

I’m not sure where the url parameter would be set, or what the value should be, but he Google SSO login works with our SPA and is only failing on the Zendesk login.

I have attached a HAR of the workflow.zendesk.har (7.0 MB)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.