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Your python support for flask does not work



Wow…less than impressed with the docs regarding flask. I mean those that work at auth0 did you check your work? There are bugs…

Dudes…you leave me no where to go…
if I do not get this resolved in 2 days I will stick with my working JWT with flask and angular2 and DUO which works.

I do use angular2-jwt with flask and works great. I use from the server side a python JWT lib that works.

  1. I generate a jwt from using angular2 using the hosted single page app. When I am authenticated and a call is made this is the error I get…

JWTError: Error decoding token headers.

API_AUDIENCE = "5933cebb74baa6674303c328f5b8"

Is the above correct? I got API_AUDIENCE from the api id.

With the example there is no other means to debug.


@davidmontgomery did you solve the problem?
I too am stuck with it…